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Be A Trending Parent: Join Your Child and #NurtureTheGift

Be A Trending Parent: Join Your Child and #NurtureTheGift

The internet has provided children with plenty of platforms or "digital stages" to explore and express their creativity. They don't need to wait for the next school recital or family reunion to share their gifts with the people around them. And you have a significant role to play in helping them nurture their talent.

Available digital platforms now allow young children to perform, design, share stories and collaborate with others online. But instead of collaborating with virtual strangers, it would be best to work on a creative project with you.

So, put your creative cap on and be a trending parent! With the ideas we've outlined below, you can help your child nurture and share their gifts in the digital space.


You can work on your child for this project without leaving home! To join, check out the search mechanics here and sign up! Wait for our email prompt, so you know what types of videos to shoot with your gifted child. Send in your entries between March 18 and April 30, 2021; winners will be announced on May - June 2021. Three grand prize winners will be featured in the next PROMIL® FOUR commercial!

If your child is into singing or storytelling, you can help them record their songs or stories. You can even get them an inexpensive microphone to improve the quality of their voice. Make an event out of it and call it a "recording day." Tell them they can spend as much time as they want to record until they're happy with the outcome. It's essential to create a warm and encouraging environment for your child. 

Your child might want to shoot a video of their performance. Tell them you'll help them think of a concept. If they're into digital art, you can look for software online that can help them animate their works. They can make it into a digital storybook and add a voice-over element.

Whatever both of you come up with, involve your child in the editing process. This way, they will feel more involved, and it'll build their creative confidence.

Perhaps you are also a dancer, singer, or actor. This is the perfect chance to collaborate with your child through dance or skit on TikTok or a song on YouTube. If your child is a budding photographer, you can pose for them and credit them when posting the photos online. Make sure to share any positive comments from family members and friends.

Another way to nurture your child's gifts is by giving them a glass of PROMIL® FOUR every day. It contains essential nutrients that support their overall development and bring out the best in them.