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Can Theater Lessons Benefit Your Child’s Development?

Can Theater Lessons Benefit Your Child is Development

According to Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences, the bodily-kinesthetic learning style is one of eight types of learning techniques. You'll recognize this gift in your child if they typically enjoy hands-on experiments, drawing, sculpting, dance, sport, and acting. You may have also noticed that they want to touch or manipulate objects when learning about them.

Being body-smart means that your child processes information physically through hand and body movement and control. Movement aids their memory, and they easily remember others' actions, as well as their own. Possessing a heightened awareness of movement and a sense of control could indicate that your child could be an excellent performer someday.

But even if your child doesn't dream of becoming an actor, they can still benefit from taking acting classes. Children who undergo acting classes develop their communication, public speaking, storytelling, and teamwork skills. Allowing your child to learn these essential soft skills will give them an advantage no matter what career they may end up pursuing.

We've outlined below some of the benefits your child may gain from acting lessons.

Acting classes expose children to different types of people from all sorts of backgrounds, various settings, and large audiences. Repeatedly doing this helps them get over their stage fright, and the more they act, the more confident they will become. This will help them adapt to various situations and people later on in life.
They boost their public speaking skills

Speaking in public often doesn't come naturally to some people, but life sometimes requires us to do so. A vast number of career paths prefer strong public speakers, and acting classes equip kids with the skills they need to overcome this challenge.

Attempting to develop social skills purely through real-life experiences can often come with complicated consequences. So, it's always best to help children improve their social skills at a young age, and acting classes help them do that.

Children typically learn empathy through stories, and for body-smart kids, getting the chance to experience these stories increases their understanding. The theater is also a safe place to help your child explore human emotions and social conduct.

They learn teamwork

Being a great team player is an essential skill in life and most careers. Theater productions rely on great teamwork, so acting classes can help your child learn how to work well with others to create a great show. Even those who aren't natural team players will come to see how an acting ensemble must work together to put a successful show.

Self-awareness is vital for people of all ages. Helping your child learn this skill at an early age helps them thrive at home, school, and in the playground. Although self-awareness doesn't develop all at once, you can give your child the advantage of exploring varied experiences in the safety of an acting class.
In theater productions, children are exposed to different experiences—acting, scriptwriting, character development, sets, coordination, and operations. Thriving in this environment requires your child to leave their comfort zone and explore other areas of interest. Acting lessons can help you nurture your child’s natural abilities.

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