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Creating the Perfect Playground for Your Child

Creating the Perfect Playground for Your Child

Bodily-kinesthetic learners learn best when they are on the move. They learn faster and retain more information effectively when they are in motion. Keeping these in mind when creating the perfect play area for your kinesthetic child is a great way to nurture their gift and support their overall development.

Kinesthetic children need to move. They tap, swing their legs, wiggle, and bounce often. So, make sure to include an open area where they can dance and move around all they want.

At this age, play and learn can co-exist. And as kinesthetically gifted children lose interest quickly, having various play or learning stations in your child's play area gives them lots of options. Have a station dedicated to tactile activities like finger painting or playing with clay. Another station may include science experimentation play activities. The possibilities are endless. 

Kinesthetic learners have trouble sitting still. So it's best to include various sitting options in their play area. Include a desk and a chair and throw pillows or bean bags if they want to sit on the floor.

An obstacle course allows your child to move their bodies in different ways. It also taps into their creativity as they think of the most efficient way to get through the obstacle course. If space permits, you can include a wall to climb or a ball pit. You can also let your child design the obstacle course.

Young children, especially the bodily-kinesthetic gifted ones, love to take on pretend roles. Playing pretend allows your child to understand better the concept being acted out. Simply provide props, like hats and costumes, and let their creativity soar. 

In addition to creating the perfect playground for your kids, make sure to give them a daily glass of PROMIL® FOUR. It contains Vitamin D and Calcium for strong bones and muscles, to nurture your child’s bodily-kinesthetic gift, when accompanied by a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.