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Does Music Make Your Child Go Still?

Does Music Make Your Child Go Still?

Musically gifted children are sometimes difficult to spot, especially if they’re not showing apparent signs of musical inclination. If you’re unsure your child is musically talented, we break down not-so-obvious signs for you to watch for. Recognizing these signs is vital so you can take the appropriate next steps to nurture your child’s gift.

Young children have a limited attention span and have a hard time focusing for more extended periods, but those who are musically gifted process and understand music on a different level. They can sit still as they listen to particular songs or stay put playing a toy instrument and making up songs for a long time.

Does your child express the emotion of a song accurately through movement or discussion? The musically gifted child will respond to the emotions conveyed in the music with complexity and depth.

Have your child listen to bad performances, particularly those where the musician is out of tune in a few spots. Most people won’t notice wrong tuning unless it’s obvious. However, those with high aural awareness will have no problem recognizing a few flat tones.

A good sign of a musically talented child is how well they match a pitch with their voice. They will be able to match your pitch whether you play it on an instrument or sing it.

Picking out harmony lines in a song is one of the difficult things to do. For most people, it takes a lot of work to harmonize. But if your child can already identify harmony lines, it’s a great indicator that they are musically talented.

The naturally musically talented will be able to play an instrument and figure out the notes to songs they’ve heard before.

If you’ve answered yes to most, if not all, the signs above, then your child has the gift of music. One of the best things you can do for your child is to provide them with a supportive learning environment.

Expose them to different music genres and give them the chance to play around with a musical instrument of their choice. You can also enroll them in classes, such as the performing arts sessions available on Promil Four iShine online classes.

However, it’s best to remember not to force them into something they don’t want to do. Let them explore their creativity and talents at their own pace.

Another thing that you can do to support your children’s development is to give them a daily glass of PROMIL® FOUR. It contains DHA and Choline for mental sharpness. Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, these support your child’s proper growth and mental development to nurture their musical gift.