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Encourage Your Child to Create Music Even Without Musical Instruments

Encourage Your Child to Create Music Even Without Musical Instruments

Your musically gifted child doesn’t have to be confined to traditional musical instruments to express their creativity. These days, you don’t have to invest in a piano or a guitar as soon as your child shows interest in music. You can let them explore various platforms and even everyday objects to help hone their musical ear, cultivate creativity, and nurture their gift. We have outlined some ideas below to help your child get started with their creative music exploration.

There are plenty of kid-friendly music apps available to your child right now. Through these apps, they can already learn to distinguish the differences between instruments, participate in fun musical challenges, and even familiarize themselves with the musical masterpieces of great composers, like Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven.

Apart from the gamified learning and musical challenges, many apps also allow your child to learn how to compose their own songs.

One of the best things about children is that they are naturally curious. You can start introducing them to various everyday objects that can create music.

For example, grab a few glasses about the same size and fill them with varying amounts of water. Let them tap each glass with a spoon. This is a simple experiment that introduces your child to soundwaves. It also shows them that creativity knows no limits, which encourages them to be resourceful.

Music is all around us. There’s music in your child’s favorite TV show or movie. And there’s music in nature, from the sound of birds chirping outside the window to the crunching sound your child’s shoes make when walking on a dusty sidewalk.

Make it a game for you and your child to point out the ambient soundtrack of your day-to-day lives. You can also encourage your child to create a song out of these seemingly mundane sounds. Record their masterpiece on your phone, and have your child listen to their creation.

This is another great way to teach your child to be creative and resourceful. They will be able to appreciate that music is not just about playing musical instruments.

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