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Is Your Child Body-Smart? Here Are the Signs to Look Out For

Is Your Child Body-Smart_ Here Are the Signs to Look Out For

Gone are the days when intelligence is mostly measured using an IQ test.

According to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences coined by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, intelligence comes in many forms, and one of them is bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Children with the` bodily-kinesthetic gift use movement to acquire knowledge about themselves and their surroundings. To know if your child’s potential lies in his bodily-kinesthetic gift, check out the following characteristics you’ll often find in body-smart children:

Ever encountered a kid who just couldn’t sit still? He taps his feet repeatedly, wiggles his body, and bounces on his chair—sometimes for no reason at all!

Body-smart kids often have boundless physical energy, so the constant movement is a way for them to release all those pent-up energies.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, active physical play is among the forms of play which improve children's skills. Children who are body-smart often excel in activities that involve lots of body movements, like basketball, volleyball, swimming, running, and dancing. They enjoy the outdoors as it allows them to engage in physical activities. 

The time they spend indoors is best spent working on hands-on tasks, like scientific experiments and arts and crafts.

Aside from having excellent motor skills and hand-eye coordination, these children are quick on their toes and have speedy impulses. They also have an excellent sense of body timing, contributing to their agility and dexterity.

When it comes to learning, it’s best to let body-smart children experience how to actually do something, as they learn best when they create with their hands. At school, you'll find them most interested when they're doing hands-on activities. 

Rather than just looking, children with bodily-kinesthetic gifts take the initiative to touch something to help them figure out how it works. 

If your child has all these characteristics, nurture the bodily-kinesthetic gift with the following tips:

Let them move. When your child can't stay still in one spot, avoid reprimanding him. Remember that body-smart children use movement to learn, so restricting their movements can be detrimental to their intelligence.

At school, you may ask your child’s teachers to allow them to swing their legs, stand up, or even pace the floor--as long as it doesn’t disrupt the other students.

Take short breaks. Bodily-kinesthetic learners easily get bored and distracted. To keep your child's attention razor-sharp, you may break down homework time into short time spans and allow him to do some physical activities in between. 

For instance, after finishing his science homework, you may let your child take a short run around your yard for five minutes. Resume doing homework afterward.

Employ hands-on activities. A study published in the Journal of Educational and Social Research showed that preschool students as young as five years old enhanced their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence through dance. 

Another study from the Journal of Romanian Sports Medicine Society revealed that swimmers increase their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence as they become more advanced.

That’s why instead of letting your child read or listen, let him learn through games, experiments, skits, role-playing, dancing, and other activities that require movement.

Give proper nutrition. Studies show that proper nutrition plays a huge role in a child’s brain development. Research published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal concluded that improvements in nutrition over the last half-century also led to an increase in height, head circumference, and brain size--all responsible for higher intelligence. 

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