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Mommy’s Superstar: Sheena Bentoy is the new PROMIL Kid!

Mommy’s Superstar: Sheena Bentoy is the new PROMIL Kid!

Mommy’s Superstar: Sheena Bentoy is the new PROMIL Kid! Fresh from her role as young Nala in the theater production of The Lion King, 11 year old Sheena Bentoy is the newest PROMIL Kid.

A skilled singer, actress and dancer, Sheena’s love for theater is in no small part due to her mom’s unwavering support, love, and continuous nurturing of her child’s gift.

Sheena’s mom shares how she is raising her daughter to be the best she can be, and how you can too:

A: I didn't discover her talent right away.  When she was around 3 years old, I would always see her holding a microphone, and that made me wonder if she had a talent for singing. Apart from singing, I would also let her participate in different activities like ballet, music and modelling, among others. I was really able to spot her gift when I brought her to a music studio for a workshop. There,I discovered that she could really hit the right notes!

She's very excited and eager to learn, and I’m glad I can support her.

A: The moment I saw Sheena singing with her toy microphone at 3 years old, I knew her musical gift is really something I have to nurture because of how much she enjoys it. She loves performing in front of family and friends, and obviously really loves entertaining people with her gift.

A: My biggest dream for Sheena is for her to become a Broadway actress. And yes, I believe that she will achieve her dreams if I continue nurturing and supporting her all the way. I thank God, and I am very happy that we were able to discover Sheena’s gifts and nurture them at such a young age.

A: We do a lot of bonding activities together! We create art and sing together, but sometimes I really just enjoy listening to her sing. Sheena’s dad, on the other hand, supports her by giving her sound pieces of advice. Her dad is also very supportive of her academics.

A: We encountered challenges and rejection throughout this journey, especially when we would take Sheena to auditions before. We would stand in long queues for hours, and then find out that Sheena didn’t pass her audition. There were also times when Sheena would feel defeated and disheartened, but I would always encourage her to embrace and love the experience because it’s God’s gift to her. Failures do not mean the end of her journey but rather, a step towards success and learning. I always tell her to learn from it and be strong.

Her Dad and I would always remind her of these things because we know that it’s our daughter’s gift. The only thing that we can do as her parents, is really to give her support and love.

So now, whenever she feels down, we just remind her to continue doing what she loves. God will give opportunities to her when the time is right.

A: My proudest moment as a mom was when Sheena won SM Little Stars, and made it to the Lion King International Tour! I’m really so proud of her, especially because she still remains humble even after her achievements. I thank God for giving us Sheena.

A: First is to build a good and harmonious relationship with their kids. Second, is to join them in their activities. From there, moms will be able to discover which areas their kids are gifted in, and witness how happy they are when they’re doing those things! Lastly, as their kids work hard to achieve their dreams, parents must support them all the way. Just enjoy the journey of nurturing the gift.

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