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4 reasons why you should nurture your preschooler’s Gift in Language

4 Reasons Why You Should Nurture Your Preschooler’s Gift in Language - Proper Nutrition - Promil Four Philippines

Learning language or linguistic skills begin even before children say their first word. Babies already start exploring language by crying when they’re hungry or babbling when talked to. On their first year, they can recognize and react when they’re called by their name. When they reach two years old, they can utter 300 words and they’re able to respond to simple directions. By three years, their vocabulary extends to almost 1,000 words and they can also say their name and age. Such gift in language is an amazing gift that continuously develops as kids grow.

The first five years are critical in building a strong foundation for mental development and learning. Here are the reasons why you should nurture your preschooler’s gift in language:

Expressive language is the ability to communicate through speech, writing, or singing. Early education materials such as books and toys can teach your child how to convey their needs and wants. Putting words together to ask questions and make requests enables your child to shift from merely creating sounds and doing gestures during infancy to forming grammatically correct sentences once he enters preschool.

While there is expressive language, there is receptive language, too, or the ability to understand spoken, written, or sign communication. Your child can easily develop his comprehension proficiency early in an environment where speaking and listening are regularly practiced. Through sound and visual context clues, your child can grasp the meaning of words and pick up instructions, commands, and information—skills required to express their thoughts and exchange ideas with people.

Reading involves word recognition or the knowledge of how a word is pronounced. Your preschooler should be able to recognize letters, manipulate sounds within words, and decipher the connection between letters and their pronunciation. He should also be able to interpret the meaning of written text.2 All these skills are quite similar to those necessary for listening comprehension, which improves vocabulary growth in school years ahead.

Excellent communication skills open your child to networking opportunities, making it possible for him to relate with family and peers and build lasting friendships. It also establishes the instinct to determine how to react in various situations—for example, the difference between talking to a friend versus talking to a teacher.3 When he can assert his own points of view as he acknowledges opposing beliefs, your preschooler develops the ability to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and be respectful of their opinions, too.


Supporting children’s gift in language is guaranteed to help in bringing out the best in them. Nurture their gift to raise a kid who shines in expressing himself through words.

For your child’s development, make sure he gets the nutrition he needs as well alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to support proper growth and mental development.

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